Posted by: diamondmair | 2009/12/08

I FINALLY received my eCigarettes!

This whole evolution has been an exercise in frustration for me – I first ordered on 24 September, from 2 different companies – my husband’s came in within 5 days – NINE PLUS WEEKS LATER, and dealing with TWO different companies, I finally have mine – I went with Modern Vapor {who were VERY responsive – only problem was, the time of the year, what should have taken 2-3 days took 6}, the “Pink” SideSho, with their menthol liquid – which has a bit of a citrus-y taste, but overall very pleasant.  I also ordered some liquid for my husband’s ………………………………… I still have some “combustible” cigarettes that I’m interspersing with puffs off my eCig – NOW, with some eCigs, what corresponds to the filter on combustibles pulls off the atomizer unit so one can add more liquid – being a blonde, I didn’t want to take “things” apart unless I was sure they were SUPPOSED to come apart – had to call Modern Vapor & get talked through removing the protective cover       Shy Whistler

If any of my readers should choose Modern Vapor for their needs, please link back here so Tony knows where traffic is coming from – maybe their banners will get done more quickly!  Sleeping Kitty On Monitor

AND, I’m celebrating my 53rd birthday today by changing from “smoking” {combustion process} to “vaping” {atomized water, nicotine, flavor}.


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